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Wholesalers of Tasmanian and Mainland
Australian Native Plants

Silver Banksia Nursery is a family owned native plant nursery based in the coastal town of Margate, 20 minutes south of the Hobart CBD.

We supply a wide range of Tasmanian and mainland Australian native plants wholesale to the Tasmanian nursery and landscape sectors.

Australia Natives

Specialising in tubestock

Broad range of Tasmanian species




Australian Natives

Contract Growing Tasmanian Natives

Rejuvenation projects

Provenance growing

Conservation projects

Nursery trade

Landscape works

Contract Growing

The nursery offers a contract growing service for larger revegetation projects and organisations around the state including:

Local councils

Environmental NGO's

Landscape contractors

Disturbed sites, such as mines, quarries, roads and highways

New developments where local flora is required to be replanted

Landcare projects

Wetlands, saltmarshes and riparian rehabilitation

Shelter belts

We can arrange for the collection of seed and cutting material where local provenance is important for a particular project​, ensuring local genetic integrity is preserved. 


The nursery is experienced in catering to conservation projects and the propagation of threatened plants for insurance populations and scientific research studies. 


Silver Banksia Nursery also supplies a range of popular species and cultivars to retail nurseries and landscapers.


Contact us if you would like us to grow specific plants for your nursery or landscape project.


Open by appointment to wholesale and trade customers only

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